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Data is hard to find on the GenRad measuring microphones. In particular I have been asked for information on their ceramic microphones and the Type 1560-P40 preamplifier often used with them. As a result I decided to post this page with scans of portions of the GenRad manual on these products. Data is also included on their electret microphones in 1" and 1/2" sizes.

Even if you don't use these microphones there is a wealth of useful information here on the directional characteristics of "omnidirectional" microphones, difraction effects and other related microphone characteristics.

You will note that the smaller the diameter a microphones gets the closer it can become to truely omnidirectional characteristics at the higher frequencies. Conversely the larger diameter the microphone, the more directional it becomes at higher frequencies. These characteristics are true of all microphones.

Sound Fields page 1

Sound Fields page 2

Sound Fields page 3

Microphones page 1

Microphones page 2

Microphones page 3

Microphones page 4

Microphones page 5

Microphones page 6

Microphones page 7

Microphones page 8

Microphones page 9

Microphones page 10

Microphones page 11

Microphones page 12

Microphones page 13

Microphones page 14

Microphones page 15

Microphones page 16

Microphones page 17

GenRad 1971-9601 and related 1" ceramic microphones

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 1

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 2

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 3

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 4

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 5

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 6

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 7

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 8

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 9

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 10

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 11

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 12

GenRad 1560-P40 Preamp page 13 (Federal Manufacturer's Codes)

Thanks to Don Washburn for the following.

GenRad 1560-P42 Preamp Sales flyer

GenRad 1961 and 1962 Electret Mics Sales flyer

GenRad 1971 Ceramic Mics Sales flyer

GenRad 1562-A 5 Frequency Calibrator Sales flyer

GenRad 1565B and 1565D Type 2 Sound Level Meter Sales flyer

GenRad 1982 Type 1 Sound Level Meter Sales flyer

GenRad 1988 Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter Sales flyer

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