ADK A-51s(LE) #2

This is a very inexpensive Chinese made mic that is visually and sonically similar to the Neumann U87. Compare this with the real U87's and you will see that the response is quite similar. It is about 3 dB more sensitive than the Stephen Paul U87. The two samples I have are also quite well matched. This mic was purchased from Wind Over the Earth for $199.00. Call (303) 443-9822 and ask for Justin.

The top white curve is the on axis response, the violet curve is the 90 degree response, and the yellow curve is the 180 degree response. All mics are measured with the same reference (an Earthworks M30), so you can compare level and frequency response. Data below 400 Hz is not accurate.

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Last Edited 2/12/2005

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